5 North Inc Team Takes Over ATL

Here at 5 North Inc, one of the things our team enjoys most is the traveling opportunity. This March our team spread all over the east coast for some more training, sales opportunities, and market expansion. One of the cities the team spent time in was in Atlanta – doing everything from training and learning, to paintball and karaoke. Traveling isn’t only a way for us to expand our business, but also a great opportunity for our team to develop better relationships with each other (which is key to having a great company environment).

Here is our team having some fun out in Hotlanta!

The 5 North Inc team has done a lot of traveling this past month. Atlanta is just one of the cities that we've taken over – everything from karaoke to paintball! Stay tuned for some of our other adventures…

Posted by 5 North Inc on Thursday, March 24, 2016