5 North Travels to Orlando for Annual Leadership Conference

This year, 5 North’s annual leadership conference was in Orlando, FL! Team members from around the country flew into Orlando to spend a full day to celebrate a year of accomplishments, recognize high achievers, reconnect with old friends and colleagues, and create relationships with new connections. Our schedule was jam packed!! : Our New York City office[…]

Danielle Slupicki earns award for “Behaviors We Value”

At 5 North, Inc., we believe in positive recognition. We like to show appreciation and acknowledgment for exceptional efforts, specifically when a team member demonstrates one of, or many of, the “Behaviors We Value”. The “Behaviors We Value” include: Reliability & Consistency Professionalism Positive Attitude Development of our People Integrity Open Communication & Candid Discussion[…]

“I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work” – Ashton Kutcher

Famous Actor Reveals Real Name, Gives Incredibly Insightful Speech About ‘Hard Work’ and Generosity…at Teen Choice Awards. It’s fairly safe to say that viewers don’t tune in to the Teen Choice Awards in hopes of hearing incredibly insightful advice about the importance of hard work, perseverance and dreaming big — but that’s exactly what they[…]


Why 20-Somethings Are the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

When it comes to building a successful company, most investors and business advocates look for companies with an experienced management team.  They want someone that has a “successful track record” with experience forming teams, writing business plans, building products, and managing a P&L. You can’t blame them.  As with almost everything in life, practice makes perfect and experience[…]


Leaders Travel to Harrisburg, PA

Two of 5 North Inc.’s top sales leaders: Will Rodriguez and Cory Brogan are traveling to Harrisburg, PA to create a satellite office this week. These two representatives were chosen by Rebby Sutherland, based upon their impressive sales performance and exemplary leadership within the office. “Both of these leaders have consistently worked hard to meet their[…]