5 North Inc Best and Brightest Award

5 North Inc is voted BEST and BRIGHTEST!!

5 North, Inc. is voted one of the BEST and Brightest Companies to Work for in the NATION for 2016!!! The Best and Brightest team looked at 5 North’s statistical scores and compared them to the national average scores from 2015, which included nominees from across the United States. 5 North Inc won this award[…]

5 North Inc 10 years balloons

10 Tips from 10 Years in Business

2016 was a very eventful year for the 5 North team, from new clients to big promotions, and hitting significant milestone. This year 5 North Inc’s founder and CEO, Rebecca Sutherland, celebrated 10 years in business! Rebecca started a company right after finishing college, and this year she celebrated a milestone that not a lot[…]


Life Lessons from “Legally Blonde”

“What, like it’s hard?”~Elle Woods   Have you ever heard of the saying, “Not all heroes wear capes”? How about, “Not all professionals wear black”? As last week marked the fifteenth anniversary of the household classic Legally Blonde, people around the nation could not help but celebrate the fictional accomplishments of the blonde, brilliant and[…]


Why to Love Working In America

What’s white and blue and red all over…Independence Day! As the fourth of July approaches, the deep sense of pride built in Americans comes out to play. This highly spirited holiday is meant to bring us together as a nation in honor of the independence of our country. We are reminded how great and lucky[…]


The Mental Process of an Expert

Expertise is essentially when someone gains a great deal of information about a topic or subject. Studying expertise is important because if we know how experts think and work, it can inform instruction and teaching. Start with broader, conceptual understanding of how knowledge is organized, then move on to where, when and how to apply[…]


Equality Needs You

Yesterday marked the 46th year of the biggest pride celebration in the world—The March for NYC Pride. The March is meant to serve as a celebration of our lives and our community as a whole. As hundreds of people marched down the streets, they threw away their differences and identified with a common theme. The[…]