Weekly Tip #4- Being A Top Leader

At 5 North Inc., we tend to throw around terms like “leader” and “leadership” a lot because we love to put our efforts into guiding others. We provide others with our visions and motivations as tools that they can use to create their own visions and motivations. We believe that leadership allows for everyone to[…]

Weekly Tip #2-Keeping A Student Mentality

student mentality

At 5 North Inc., we take pride in taking time to breed those we work with into successful and knowledgeable business persons. In any situation and environment, the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing closer to the goals you have set out for yourself. Even those who have an extensive professional background are still learning something new each day. Our weekly tip this week is to have and maintain that student mentality!

A student-mentality is extremely important for constant development. It is something the management team at 5 North Inc constantly encourages. We love asking questions and answering questions – and most importantly no question is a stupid question! Accepting that we don’t know it all is the first step to learning more. Read the full article to learn more about how 5 North Inc encourage and develops a student mentality within it’s company culture.

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Weekly Tip #1- Assessing Your Goals

At 5 North Inc., we believe in pushing those we work with to be their best selves. Each week, we will post tips on how to thrive in a work place setting. These tips will be directed toward all different aspects of our business, including but not limited to sales, marketing and management. Each week you will get a glance at the 5 North Inc. values that have led us to bread an extremely motivated, highly professional and successful sales team.

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To start off the 5 North Inc Weekly Tip Series, we will be talking about assessing your goals. It is the simplest piece of advice – but writing your goals down can provide constant motivation! Like it says in the full artice:

The only person stopping you from being your best self is you. So remember…

  1. Write down your goals
  2. Visualize your future
  3. Take action
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments”

Check out our full article for a walk-through on how to assess your goals. Make sure to check out our the 5 North Inc Weekly Tip Series for more good tips on personal and professional development!