Leader of the Week: Marella Romero

This week our Leader of the Week is Marella Romero. Marella successfully creates and maintains personal relationships with anyone she comes in contact with both inside and outside of the office. She exhibits professionalism in the field and has great customer service skills. She is extremely approachable and makes herself relatable through her smile, charisma and enthusiasm. She treats each interaction with clients as a thoughtful learning experience for her to improve the support she gives them. Marella’s hard work and positive attitude are contagious both inside and outside of the office.

marella low

 Here’s this week’s Leader of the Week interview with Marella: 

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of working with 5 North Inc.?

A: I love the people in the company because not only can we count on one another for help but we challenge each other to not settle for less.

Q: What does “leadership” mean to you?

A: If you separate the word leadership into two you get leader + ship. In order to be a leader one has to realize that they do not have the answers to everything because there is always something new to learn each day. They are the ones who transfer their knowledge to others to guide, “ship”, them through the right path and move forward with them. As the others get motivated and inspired to reach a certain goal, the leader develops in the process as well, strengthening their newly attained knowledge.

Q: What was a big challenge you learned to overcome?

A: A big challenge I overcame was going against the stereotype that gets put on individuals of Hispanic/Latino origin. My own cousins would call me out on it as well by stating that I was not Latina because I did not behave like they did. Most of the times I would get upset because they kept repeating it over and over, but what did they mean when they said I wasn’t acting like a Latina? Just because I had goals, was well mannered and was productive with my time made me different than them. Ignorance from individuals who stick to the stereotype they get placed under is what I had to face growing up at an early age.

Q: What do you look forward to in your future?

A: I am looking forward in developing myself into an individual that will get to travel the world and be recognized as someone who was a big influence in the development of others.

Q: Looking back, what do you with you could tell your seven year old self?

A: Always be your cheerful self, because no matter what that situation may be, a sense of positivity is contagious and you could be that person that brings people to smile and change the mood no matter where you are.

Congratulations Marella, and keep up the great work!