Leader of the Week: Masnoon Rahman

This week, our Leader of the Week is Masnoon Rahman. Masnoon has greatly improved his execution skills. He organizes and structures his work, projects and tasks around the results he knows he needs to achieve. He makes sure to evaluate his progress regularly and keep an open-mind to look at alternative solutions if he is not producing the results he wants. Masnoon treats every day as a new day to succeed. He loves the challenge and figuring out ways to overcome it. Not only does he evaluate his own progress, Masnoon gives regular and honest feedback to those who ask him for advice and help. He is a great addition to the office, and we love having him around as leader, mentor and teammate!

masnoon low

Here’s this week’s Leader of the Week interview with Masnoon Rahman:

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of working with 5 North Inc.?

A: I definitely love the culture of the company.

Q: What does “leadership” mean to you?

A: Leadership means helping others, in any way and in any situation.

Q: What was a big challenge you learned to overcome?

A: A challenge I learned to overcome was being consistent with my performance. I was able to overcome this by having and maintaining a positive attitude.

Q: What do you look forward to in your future?

A: Being able to be in control of my own destiny.

Q: Looking back, what do you with you could tell your seven year old self?

A: Slow down.

Congratulations Masnoon, and keep up the great work!