Lessons We Learned From Prince

Legends don’t come often. But every once in a while a person is born into this world and they turn out to be revolutionary. Prince, all around musical genius, was one of those people. If we want to define success, describing the legacy that Prince has left behind in the music industry and in hearts of audiences all around the world will be a great place to start.

Since his career took off in the 80’s, Prince has defied the “rules” and created an outstanding presence both on and off the stage – from his exceptional performances, name change to an unpronounceable symbol, to his business savvy decisions with his music.

There is no doubt that there are lessons that we can learn from Prince’s career that we can apply to our own lives and our own careers even outside the music industry. Here are just a few.

  1. Take risks. Prince was not scared to stand out from other artists, with a different sound and style. He pushed the limits with sex appeal and an flamboyant stage presence that hadn’t been seen from many other artists before. He created his own, unique brand.
  2. Take control. Prince changed his name in order to get out of a contract with his label, Warner Bros. Not to be more popular, but to protect his music and his career. He knew what was best for him and he found a way to to change his situation. There is always a way for us to change our situations as well. It may not be the easiest path to take, but we need to protect our career and what we have to offer.
  3. Master your craft. Prince was able to be revolutionary to music because he was multifaceted. Not only could he play almost any instrument, adapt to new music technologies, and then write amazing music with all these skills – he then stepped on stage and delivered unique, memorable, and dramatic performances. This is why he is unrivaled and one of the best in his generation.
  4. Make the best out of surprise situations. We can all remember Prince’s Halftime Superbowl show, probably one of the best in recent history. If you remember the show, you can also remember that it was pouring rain. When Prince was informed that it will be raining during the show, he simply said, “Can you make it rain harder?” The rain became a part of his performance and added even more of a dramatic flare to the show and to his closing with Purple Rain.  There is always a bright side, find it.

These are all lessons that we can all apply to our own lives. Be a little more daring, step outside your comfort zone, continue to develop your skill set, and – most importantly – always find the bright side.

Prince’s influence will continue for generations to come. RIP to a true legend.